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Coastal Remedy's "Flame"
Backing vocals on this terrific track!

Frank Ferraro's "Wine and Dust"

Filmmaker/artist Frank Ferraro brings his own sensibilities to the documentary format, using music and visuals to create a haunting, languid tone
that underscores the sense of loss that pervades the film. This technique serves to enhance rather than overwhelm,
lending context while still allowing the subjects of the film to tell their own stories of loss, regret, and redemption.
Vocals and interviews. A HUGE THANK YOU to Frank for asking me to be a part of this terrific film!

Jamies Dream Team

Todd Watson's "Awakening"

Backing vocals on two tracks, "Pray" and "My Soul".
Todd is a wonderful and talented friend who shares his experience with alcoholism through this musical journey. I was honored to be a part of it.

"John Vento's "Wayward Soul"

Produced by Frank Ferraro, written by John Vento and Frank Ferraro.
I sang backing vocals on this wonderful compilation
of unique, eclectic and heartfelt songs.

"Three Dog Night"

"The Businessmen" were the opening act for
"Three Dog Night" on July 4th at the Pittsburgh River Regatta.
We all had a wonderful time and were quite honored!
A HUGE Thank You to everyone who came to show their support!

A Million Minds
I'm a very proud mom and appreciate the opportunity to introduce my very talented son
Eli Weber to you.
Please take some time to give his music a listen. You're in for a wonderful surprise!

2008-"I Desire You"

I was one of the two spot "wife's favorites"
for my rendition of Lowell Hussey's "I Desire You".

I performed with The Businessmen
as keyboardist a backing vocalist.
The "Businessmen" have raised over $150,000 for local charities and organizations.

Work completed on Bobby Verri's Album!
I am very honored to have participated in the creation of this CD
which includes a fantastic collection of heartfelt and uplifting songs
that anyone with an appreciation for music will love.

2003- Touring ends due to health
After suffering injuries from 2 separate car accidents
I am no longer able to tour.
The accidents have left me fibromyalgia and anxiety.
Fibromyalgia causes symptoms of severe pain, fatigue, memory/concentration problems.
To learn more about this chronic condition, please visit: www.immunesupport.com.
Thank you all for your current and past support.

2002 European Tour!
The tour, co-sponsored by Guiness, was a huge success!

I performed in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
and had a wonderful time appearing live on several hit country radio stations.
I have received many invitations for a 2003 tour from Sweden, Spain, South America and Europe.

2001 Country Music Messe
I performed at the 2001 Country Music Messe was so well received
that the Messe organizers invited me to perform
on 3 out of the 4 stages at the Messe!
The fair, held in Berlin, Germany, is considered to be Europe's
largest country music festival.
Organizers have invited me back for the 2002 Messe

2001-Vatterbygdens Truck AB and Rhonda Watson Team up!

Vatterbygdens Truck AB and Rhonda have teamed up for mutual advertising
with the release of their CD.
Featured are the tracks found on the original Rhonda Watson self released CD,
"Must Be Love", featuring Mickey Dean and Rhonda,
and also a brand new song, "Changing"
featuring the writing and performing efforts of Rhonda and John Fiore.
Throughout the CD are spoken messages by Rhonda promoting
the companies affiliated with Vatterbygdens Truck AB.
Click on the Vatterbygden logo for details.

2000-Rhonda Watson and Mickey Dean Team Up!

Rhonda and Mickey team up to produce a killer rockabilly/americana album!
More information can be found HERE

I was invited as the first guest on the debut of the new WGOW Radio Talk Show, "The Cruise"
102.3 in Chattanooga, TN on January 29, 2000.
The show was broadcast via the Internet and was a huge success!
Many thanks to those who tuned in and emailed in!
I've been asked back, so I'll keep you updated on further details.

1999-Congratulations from: Disc Makers
In March of 1999, Rhonda was congratulated in the DiscMaker's FastForward quarterly newsletter
for having sold over 2,400 units through Internet marketing.

MP3 Jukebox
is now available at your local Best Buy or WalMart store!
The compilation consisting of 100 of the best mp3.com songs, complete with the jukebox player
features 2 of my Songs:"Talkin' on the Telephone" and "That's My Man".
The CD is produced and distributed nationally by Destiny Software
and features the best independent music available on the Internet!
Get your copy today!

In July of 1999, I had the Top Selling CD at mp3.com
for 3 consecutive weeks. During the last 9 months,
I had over 15 "featured" songs and 2 top selling Cds.
There were over 100,000 artists and over 600,000 songs housed on MP3.com.

1998-"Doing Country My Way"
A country song written by Harry Eckert.
Sound track available on Soundclick!
Watch Harry's video on YOUTUBE