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As a songwriter, I have to admit that sometimes I wonder why I bother.
Aren't there already enough songs in the world? What's the point?
No one is going to care, or probably listen to my songs, anyways.

It's easy to get discouraged.
But, in all honesty, there really aren't enough songs
and perhaps I will write something that will touch someone.
Even if it's only a single someone who is moved then it all makes sense
and I am a songwriter.

Music has always been my passion.
From the time I was old enough to talk I've been singing.
My first inspiration to sing came from Judy Garland
and "The Wizard of Oz" when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
She was truly magnificient.
My songwriting inspirations are John Lennon
and Paul McCartney.
Two of the most prolific writers EVER.
I have been so fortunate to have worked with some really great Pittsburgh musicians
including The Businessmen, the fantastic fiddlist John Parrendo (Chris Cagle Band),
the beautiful singer/pianist Donna Groom (The Skyliners),
the amazing producer/musician/sound engineer Don Garvin (Jeree Recording Studio and Pure Gold),
the fantastic drummer/conductor Mark Groom,
and probably Pittsburgh's best guitarist and a phenomenal songwriter in his own right,
John Fiore ,(my significant other)--how great is that?.

As an artist I am proud to have my work available on art.com
and other internet print sales sites.
Here is the Google search in case you're curious.

Thank you for visiting. Please let me know you've stopped by.
I love hearing from you :)
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